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Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach by Miles Murdocca and Vincent Heuring

Computer architecture and organization are two interrelated aspects of the modern digital computer. Computer architecture refers to the design of the instruction set, the registers, the memory, and the input/output devices of a computer system. Computer organization refers to the implementation of the architecture using hardware components, such as logic gates, wires, transistors, and circuits. Understanding both the architecture and the organization of a computer system is essential for anyone who wants to study computer-related fields, such as programming, operating systems, networking, and security.

One of the books that provides an accessible introduction to computer architecture and organization is Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach by Miles Murdocca and Vincent Heuring . This book covers all the major topics normally found in a first course in computer architecture or computer organization, such as data representation, arithmetic, instruction set architecture, datapath and control, languages and the machine, memory, buses and peripherals, networking and communication, and advanced computer architecture. The book also uses a unique approach that connects the programmer's view of a computer system with the underlying hardware and peripheral devices, providing a thorough, three-dimensional view of what goes on inside the machine.


A distinctive feature of this book is the use of ARC, a subset of the SPARC processor, for an instruction set architecture. SPARC is a real-world computer architecture that is widely used in servers, workstations, and embedded systems. ARC is a simplified version of SPARC that retains its essential features and characteristics. The book provides an ARCTools suite, containing an assembler and simulator for the ARC ISA, that supports the examples used in the book. The ARCTools suite is platform-independent and can be downloaded from the book's website. Using ARC as an instruction set architecture helps students to learn the concepts of computer architecture and organization in a concrete and practical way.

The book is designed for undergraduate students in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or related disciplines. It assumes that the students have some background in programming, digital logic, and mathematics. The book is also suitable for self-study or as a reference for professionals who want to refresh their knowledge or learn new topics in computer architecture and organization. The book is organized into ten chapters, each with learning objectives, key terms, review questions, exercises, and references. The book also has two appendices that cover digital logic and using ARCTools.

In summary, Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach by Miles Murdocca and Vincent Heuring is a comprehensive and engaging book that introduces the fundamentals of computer architecture and organization in an integrated manner. The book uses ARC as an instruction set architecture to illustrate the concepts and principles of computer systems design. The book also provides an ARCTools suite that allows students to assemble and simulate ARC programs. The book is ideal for students who want to learn more about the inner workings of the modern digital computer.


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