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Mastering the art of theatrical performance and production 
from a Christian worldview

 Revelation 4:11 Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.


First, as actors, writers, directors, designers, technicians and producers, we are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.  Our Heavenly Father is the creator of all things and we are His image bearers; therefore, it is natural for us to be creative.  Our mission as artists is undone if we are not on the mission field of arts and culture.  We cannot compromise in this.  We must go to the mission field  and navigate the culture as light in the darkness.

Second, live theatre is a particularly moving and motivating art form.  The uniqueness of live performance is spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually affecting.  An audience can become undone; free to think, feel and respond in a new and surprising way. When these magical moments happen as a result of a prayerful, prepared and focused  collaboration of artists, God can speak truth to humanity.  Jesus spoke to the people in parables.  Stories bind truth to our hearts.  




Theatre performance, production, design and technical theatre curriculum designed to develop skills step by step while building the confidence of each individual learner and performer including all special needs, all learning styles and all levels.


Lessons and performances designed for homeschool individuals, small groups, and cohorts.  Curriculum is uniquely designed based on the needs, objectives, and abilities of the individual and group.


Build confidence, learn to analyze text, create characters, consider and process critiques.
One on one coaching for a variety of needs from beginning interest to audition and college preparation.

One On One

Performances and 


Take your production or company to a new level.  As a director, I always appreciate a second set of eyes and a fresh take on my work. Workshops and camps can help performers focus on new innovative techniques and tools.  Clinics and Critiques help the director and their company understand what the audience will take away from the current production and how to expand and sharpen the vision of the production.

Workshops, Clinics, Camps, Critiques

From the selection of the script, audition and rehearsal process, design and technical process to final bows, we can build a creative collaboration for a phenomenal production.  There is no venue or budget too small or too large in which to bring a vision to life.

Church, School, and Amateur Productions

Join and build a theatre company that specializes in unique works through the process of devised theatre with a gospel message and Christian worldview.  Participate in Theatre as a mode of evangelism, worship and discipleship.

Undone Mission Players


Contact me to discuss interest in a project, production, workshop, critique, classes or curriculum.  Fees are based on individual needs and resources.

11713 Fallow Deer Ct
Burleson, Texas. 76026

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