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Gujarati Lori Teri Akhiyon Mein Sapne Saja Du Tujhe Nindiya Song Download Free Rapidshare

Gujarati Lori Teri Akhiyon Mein Sapne Saja Du Tujhe Nindiya Song Download Free Rapidshare

Gujarati Lori Teri Akhiyon Mein Sapne Saja Du Tujhe Nindiya is a popular lullaby song in Gujarati language, which means "I will decorate your eyes with dreams and give you sleep". The song is sung by a mother to her child, expressing her love and affection. The song has a soothing melody and lyrics that are full of emotions.

Download File:

The song was originally composed by Kirtidan Gadhvi, a famous folk singer and musician from Gujarat. He is known for his versatile singing and playing various instruments such as harmonium, tabla, flute, and dhol. He has performed in many concerts and festivals across India and abroad. He has also sung for many Gujarati films and albums.

The song became more popular when it was featured in the 2022 Gujarati film "Maa", directed by Abhishek Jain. The film is a heartwarming story of a mother and her son, who face many challenges and hardships in life. The film stars Aishwarya Majmudar as the mother and Dhruv Ghanekar as the son. The song was sung by Aishwarya Majmudar in the film, who is also a renowned singer and composer from Gujarat. She has won many awards and accolades for her singing, including the Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009.

The song has been loved by many people, especially mothers and children, who find it comforting and relaxing. The song has also been praised by critics and reviewers, who have appreciated its music and lyrics. The song has been uploaded on various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, etc., where it has received millions of views and streams.

However, some people may not have access to these platforms or may want to download the song for free. For them, there are some websites that offer the song as a free download in MP3 format. One such website is Rapidshare, which is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and download files easily. Rapidshare has been operating since 2002 and has millions of users worldwide.

To download the song from Rapidshare, one needs to follow these steps:

  • Go to the website , which is a SoundCloud page that has the song uploaded by a user named Samantha.

  • Click on the "More" button below the song title and select "Download file".

  • You will be redirected to a Rapidshare page that has the link to download the file.

  • Click on the "Download" button and wait for the file to be downloaded on your device.

  • Enjoy listening to the song offline.

Note: Downloading songs from Rapidshare may not be legal or safe, as it may violate the copyright laws or contain viruses or malware. Therefore, it is advised to use caution and discretion when downloading songs from Rapidshare or any other similar websites.


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