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Dynasty Warriors

The Dynasty Warriors game series, although referenced to factual people, is known for changing the traditional ways of how some of the historical characters were depicted in Romance of the Three Kingdoms or in historical records. For example, Zhang He appears to be more feminine while Wei Yan becomes a bestial tribal warrior, while historical accounts depict both to be relatively normal generals with no outstanding characteristics such as these. Some of them also wield weapons that are anachronistic, such as Ling Tong's nunchaku and Sun Ce's tonfas. A touch of mysticism is also added, as some characters such as Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi and Zuo Ci have the ability to use magic in their attacks. Female characters (except Zhurong and Wang Yi) who did not participate in any battles in the novel or in history are depicted as fearsome female warriors with exceptional fighting skills and weapons.

Dynasty Warriors

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The biggest positive here is the Edit Mode creation suite, which takes away several different, severely underdeveloped modes in itself from the last Empires game, such as Create A Banner and Create A Horse, to focus entirely on an overhauled character creation mode with nearly endless slots, allowing you to create not only your own kingdom of warriors, but perhaps an entire history of war based on your own creations. This was something the title picked up from one of its sister games, Nioh 2.

Whenever you encounter Meng Huo on the battlefield, he is almost always riding an elephant, making it hard to hit him since elephants are taller than horses, so you can just hit the side of the elephant to get him to fall off, you have to jump and try to hit him, and even that's hard since most of the time the elephant is moving, unlike other generals who ride on horses who stop once they reach you. It is also hard to get him off the elephant because Meng Huo is always accompanied by two other warriors riding elephants, and they are always running you over while you're trying to hit Meng Huo off his elephant, so it is wise to get the warriors off their elephants first before heading for Meng Huo.

It's time to team up with the legendary Dynasty Warriors and save Ancient China. Rival kingdoms and hordes of rebel soldiers are on the attack. In the Tactical Action game, DYNASTY WARRIORS DS: FIGHTER'S BATTLE, players must reunite a divided nation, but this is a challenge they will not face alone. History's mightiest warriors are ready to join the battle. Plus, with the awesome of the Musou attack players will have the power to stop entire gangs of enemies in one sweeping strike! You won't want to miss the action for all the tea in China! 041b061a72


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