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[S3E4] Ride And Die

Given that the guy in the song tap dances to lighten the mood after the story about how his dog died, the song could symbolize the fact that we can still dance pending the eventual death because it is, after all, a good ride as long as it lasts. Nice interpretation!

[S3E4] Ride and Die

Efrain is a jester of sorts. He takes Daniel to get water which miraculously spills out of a hidden fountain every Tuesday at 5 pm. Once he's filled his jugs, he takes off on his cargo bike (basically a reverse tricycle with a cart up front where Daniel sits) and rides through the zombie-filled streets with a tape-player that simply repeats the word "agua" over and over again. Agua. Agua. Agua.

Jim-Bob brings Porthos the guinea pig home from school. John-Boy gets a ticket to hear a Bennett Holmby lecture. Amy Partridge, a girl who is in line in front of him is not allowed to purchase a ticket and asks John-Boy if he can get an extra ticket for her. He agrees and then gives her a ride home. Jason and Ben continue to make fun of Jim-Bob and Porthos. Jim-Bob makes a bed for him in his aviator cap. Porthos gets out in the middle of the night to explore and by morning Jim-Bob finds him dead. No one in the family has the time or care to listen to Jim-Bob's problem so he runs away from home. He gets a ride from Elwood Dobbs to Westham.

After a few weeks of build-up, the third season of Game of Thrones has finally gone over the first hill of the roller coaster, and it is quite a ride. Things moved excitingly fast in "And Now His Watch Has Ended" as key plots are advanced. This week in Westeros ...

Chicago Fire Season 3 episode 4 which airs Tuesday, October 14, at the 10 PM time slot on the NBC network is entitled "Apologies Are Dangerous." According to the studio summary, the fourth installment in TV drama involving the people at the firehouse of Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and Battalion 25 will have both Dawson and Mills struggling with their new roles while "Severide confronts his demons in an unexpected way."

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), who has been AWOL since the death of his best friend Paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay (Lauren German), will inadvertently find himself right in the middle of a train shoot out. The incident would serve as the catalyst which will force him to come to terms with his internal conflicts.

Elsewhere, Jaime is suffering further torments by Lord Bolton's men. Left to ride with his severed hand dangling around his neck, he loses consciousness and slips onto the muddy ground. When he begs for water, Locke gives him horse piss to drink. Jaime manages to grab a sword off one of the soldiers, but is hopeless at fighting with his left hand. He is handily defeated, beaten and told that he will lose his other hand if he makes such an attempt again. While sitting by the fire that night, Brienne criticizes Jaime for slipping into despondency, telling him he cannot hope to get revenge if he dies. She asks him why he lied about her father's wealth in order to save her the night before. Jaime cannot answer. 041b061a72


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