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Buying From Newegg

So after watching this 25 Minute Video from Gamers Nexus about how hard it was for him to get a $500 refund. And in addiction to reselling Defective Gibibyte PSU that were a fire hazard with GPUs, he advise not buying from them. Weren't they brought out by a Company located in China? I advised a friend to order a Windows 7 Disc and it arrived broken in the Mail. It was wrapped in Bubble Wrap in Padded Packaging. They later shipped back a EVGA Bronze 80+ PSU instead of a New Disc.

buying from newegg

I haven't bought any PC parts from them in a long time, but I have recently bought car parts from them and it was a pleasant experience. They have good prices and they shipped it all quickly, however I would hesistate to buy from them in the future after watching Gamers Nexus's video on them

I avoid newegg and haven't bought anything from them after I nearly got screwed on a motherboard which got destroyed in shipping because newegg didn't put enough padding in the box, I had to talk with customer support on the phone and they wanted me to deal with the shipping carrier but I convinced them to look at photos of the damaged mobo and I ended up getting a replacement.

I almost bought from NewEgg, but after inquiring about what happens if there's a shipping issue and having them tell me I'm the one that deals with the shipper, I swore them off. Not my responsibility, it's theirs. Horrible company.

I haven't bought anything from NewEgg in years. The last time was shortly after they started the third-party marketplace listings. They still have the best interface for distilling the catalog down to the parts that match certain criteria, but their customer support fell off a cliff.

Well, this is disappointing. I too saw the GN video. I don't buy a lot of computer stuff. The last time from Newegg was maybe 5 years ago besides a reconditioned vacuum, which was perfect. I recall 10 years a go I had an issue, and they resolved it quickly and also gave me a $25 voucher without me asking. Sounds like those times are over.

This frustration makes it tough to stay on top of the latest trends without going broke (and mad), which is where refurbished electronics come to the table. Refurbishment offers the newest tech at reduced prices, making refurbished electronics a pathway for tech hobbyists to keep up with the latest offerings without breaking the bank. When buying refurbished PCs and other electronics, there is a lot of confusion and several big misconceptions to address.

So from personal experience, here is the truth about the myths surrounding refurbished products. When new products come off the line, they are rarely individually tested. They get packaged and sent out to be sold as quickly as possible. Sure, you have QA checks per batch and random sample inspections, but the potential chance for a dud is certainly present with any new electronic device.

To become certified as a MAR, products and refurbishers must adhere to a strict policy regarding the asset collection, data wiping, and loading of a valid version of the Microsoft OS onto a refurbished desktop or notebook before it is sold to the customer. Additionally, MAR products come with a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) label slapped on the machine, letting you know you have a genuine product with the Microsoft name backing it up immediately. We had some hands-on time with MAR machines from Arrow Electronics in the past and found them to work as well as any new computer.

EggPoints are earned through your purchases of eligible items specifically identified on our website, your participation in EggPoints Promotional Rewards Events, and/or offered to you as courtesy from time to time. *If you make a purchase of certain eligible items, your EggPoints are earned and will be available for use thirty days (30) after the invoice date. When you earn your EggPoints through purchases, you earn one (1) point for each pre-tax dollar that you spend on an eligible item after instant rebate, promo code and/or other discount. EggPoints may not be earned on purchase amounts paid with previously earned EggPoints.

Once your EggPoints are available to use, you have one (1) year to redeem them before they expire. When using or redeeming your EggPoints, one hundred (100) points are equivalent to one dollar ($1.00). EggPoints are applied after tax in the same way as when using a gift card. EggPoints can be redeemed to purchase any Newegg items and any other brands' e-gift cards, but cannot be used to purchase a Newegg e-gift card. When redeeming EggPoints, calculation will be made in the following order of priority: (1) first, any promo code and/or combo discount is deducted from the sale price;(2) EggPoints are then deducted; (3) any gift card payment is thereafter deducted; and (4) the remaining amount is charged to the credit/debit card. At this time, there is no restriction on the maximum EggPoints that can be redeemed per day. EggPoints are promotional, have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Returns & refunds will be calculated in the following order of priority: (1) EggPoints are first credited to the account; (2) then, any gift card amount; and finally, (3) the remaining amount is credited to the credit/debit card. If you return an item that you purchased with EggPoints, those EggPoints will be posted back on your account, and the expiration date of all unused EggPoints will be extended for another one (1) year. If you return any eligible item, your earned EggPoints from the eligible item will be removed from your account.

By participating in the EggPoints Program, you release Newegg, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, advertising and promotions agencies and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including, without limitation, property damage, personal injury and/or death, arising out of or in any way connected to the EggPoints Program.

Vertagear SL4000: Vertagear makes many excellent gaming chairs, and one of their best is the SL4000. Backed by a steel frame, this offering from the celebrated manufacturer reclines between 80 and 150, sports 4D armrests, and is covered in PVC leather. Complimenting the water-resistant PVC is a dense foam padding that provides the support and comfort gamers need. The contoured backrest is perhaps the best part of the SL4000, offering comfort and ergonomic support to keep your back healthy and painless.

If anyone is still buying on Newegg, I would heavily advise against it.They now have verified stores that are committing fraud by giving you fake tracking numbers, claiming they shipped and you received, and taking your money. I purchased a PNY M2 NVMe drive last week and they gave me a tracking number that never shipped, claimed another tracking number that I received at another location not even close to me. This seems to be a recurring theme now since the chinese bought Newegg recently.

Find another place to shop from. Ive been shopping from Newegg for almost 20 years and a top 1000 reviewer; Ive never had an issue up until recently, so please take my word for it and shop somewhere else!

In your screen it looks like one of the 3rd party stores on newegg? I haven't done any orders from newegg within the past year, but don't remember having any issues if i'm buying from them when it's 'sold and shipped by newegg'.

I will also no longer buy from Newegg . Had a bad experience with inadequate packaging of a motherboard and resulting shipping damage . It's just not worth dealing with them when there are better options out there .

I have never had a problem with B&H Photo , and will purchase from them what I might otherwise have from Newegg in the future . Unfortunately , the nearest Microcenter is about 400 miles from here....

I just learned of this today. I heard around the grapevine that scammers were prevalent on Newegg just recently which coincided with the chinese acquisition but just wrote it off as hearsay. Now after firsthand experience, never again. 20 years and over 10 grand spent there at least. Id rather move to a state where a microcenter was a 4 hour drive so I can avoid them from here on out.

Stopped ordering from them a while ago, the shipping part thru UPS or Fedex is a separate problem,But something ordered Monday should not take until Friday to process, and then ship from NJ to VA on Monday and take 5 days to get here in a 2 day shipping zone for UPSG.Then they started to push their premiere package for quicker shipping, if I order something sold by NewEgg from NJ, I dont need Premiere or next day shipping, 2 day shipping zone means I get it in 2 days normally, but they insist it's required.Not to mention the last 3 orders, I selected and verified on my invoice that the items were supposed to be shipped to my Office, and yet I come home to the box sitting in front of my door.So there's a disconnect between order processing and order shipping.I've sent back multiple "Refurb/Reboxed" items one being a SSD with someone else's data still on it, another being a tablet, that also had another user's data on it (and mSD Card still in it). 041b061a72


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