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Testy Maturalne Matematyka Aksjomat Pdf 17

Testy Maturalne Matematyka Aksjomat Pdf 17

Testy Maturalne Matematyka Aksjomat Pdf 17 is a book that contains a collection of tests and exercises for preparing for the mathematics exam at the basic level in Poland. The book is published by Aksjomat Toruń, a publishing house that specializes in educational materials for mathematics, physics, and computer science. The book is intended for students who will take the matura exam in 2023 or later, as it follows the new curriculum and requirements for the exam.


The book consists of 17 chapters, each covering a different topic of the basic level mathematics. The topics include: numbers and expressions, equations and inequalities, functions, sequences and series, trigonometry, geometry, probability and statistics, logic, and more. Each chapter contains a theoretical introduction, a set of multiple-choice questions, and a set of open-ended questions. The questions are similar to those that appear on the actual matura exam, and they are designed to test the students' knowledge, skills, and reasoning abilities. The book also provides detailed solutions and explanations for all the questions, as well as tips and hints on how to solve them.

The book is suitable for self-study or as a supplement to the school curriculum. It can help students to review the material, practice their skills, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The book can also be used by teachers as a source of exercises and tests for their classes. The book is available in both printed and digital formats. The digital version can be downloaded as a PDF file from the publisher's website. The printed version can be ordered online or purchased at selected bookstores.

Testy Maturalne Matematyka Aksjomat Pdf 17 is one of the many publications by Aksjomat Toruń that aim to help students prepare for the matura exam in mathematics. The publisher also offers other books for the basic level, as well as books for the extended level. Additionally, the publisher organizes workshops, webinars, and contests for students and teachers who are interested in mathematics and related subjects.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable resource to prepare for the matura exam in mathematics at the basic level, you should consider Testy Maturalne Matematyka Aksjomat Pdf 17. It is a book that covers all the topics of the exam, provides plenty of exercises and tests, and explains how to solve them. It is a book that can help you achieve your goals and succeed on the exam.


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