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There are many patches or MODs, since the game has been out for a few weeks. It is therefore up to the user to choose whether to install as many to literally transform PES 21 by turning it inside out like a sock, or simply use some of them, namely those that he considers useful to improve his gaming experience. With a good knowledge base built up and enough YouTube searches, you should be able to be comfortable enough to dive into the world of modding, specifically the best mods for e-football PES 2021. So here are the best mods that are fun to use;


There are many Graphic Mods to enhance your graphic performance for your game play Pro Evolution Soccer especially for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 such as GfX and many more. But the GFX v1 is one of many best mods that you can use for your PES 21 patching, because so many gamers have tried it and from their review, it turns out that they love the buildup of this mod.

With this mod many as a gamer you will change the entire atmosphere of the stadium to your taste. For instance, there are stadiums which don't support snowing but with this patch. You can have the beauty of snowing and other weather conditions you want in different stadiums.

Smoke patch uses Konami stats for all the players, although this year we have to adapt the eFootball stats to conform to the PES, Real faces: Real faces are not included in the patch due to their large size.

This patch is a big one (over 200 GBs), which means it not only takes a while for them to make, but also to download and install. At the very least, it comes with a fairly forward installation executable (.exe) file. Like the other Patch, it comes with all of the traditional Option File goodness, but where it differs is in all of the additional enhancements that are included.

With the clay patch from Averdom it is possible for example to find in PES 21 the beauty of forty club teams with their best champions ever, and of twenty classic national teams always from the past. Arsenal of Pires and Bergkamp, Bayern Munich of Rummenigge, Beckembauer and Lahm, Italy of Roberto Baggio, Totti, Del Piero and Di Natale, are just some of the available teams.

This patch package contains the choirs of all or almost all the teams in the game, and perhaps the one that adds the call names for those default players not spoken during the Caressa commentary, at the moment you have to be satisfied with the national anthems. In fact, a first audio package is available for eFootball PES 21 PC which contains 219 anthems precisely as many national representatives, from Italy to Brazil, from Peru to Japan. 041b061a72


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