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Rava Sps

Sooji or rava are made from granulated durum wheat and are used in the preparation of several recipes, both, sweet and savory. This coarsely ground wheat is commonly called sooji or suji in most parts of North India and Pakistan. In South India, it is known by the name rava. Semolina is an Italian name for the coarsely milled and purified wheat middlings. Rava and sooji can be used as a batter ingredient to prepare a host of dishes or as the main ingredient too. You can make several desserts with rava and roasted sooji like rava laddu, sooji ka halwa, kesari bath/sheera, and more. Rava and sooji can also be used to make a plethora of savory dishes, like upma, idli, dosa, uthappam, porridge, and much more. You can prepare these dishes for breakfast or as a tea-time snack. The sweets that are made using rava are quite popular during festivals and weddings. You can buy sooji and rava online by logging in to the Flipkart Grocery store.

Rava Sps

Online shopping sites offer a wide range of products that you can buy for your home. From household items to groceries, you can buy the products of your choice even without having to step out of your home. Buy rava and sooji from your favorite online grocery store. Check out sooji online that are sold by popular brands, such as Rajdhani, Safe Harvest, Flipkart Supermart, Sreebhog, and more. Just pick up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, log in to Flipkart, and start adding the products you need to the shopping cart. Check sooji prices and prices of other items while reviewing your cart and then place an order for these items at a convenient time. You can even select a preferred payment option during the checkout. These items will be safely delivered to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Make a list of the items you need for your home and buy them online to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Are you tired of eating the same dishes every day? Bring in variety to your daily meals by cooking dishes made from rava. Being one of the staples of Indian cuisine, you can cook different varieties of dishes with it. From savory to sweet, you can make a plethora of dishes with sooji or semolina. Buy rava online from popular brands, such as MTR, Flipkart Supermart, and more, and cook easy and tasty dishes every day. You can prepare laddoos, dosas, idlis, upma, and much more with semolina. You can even buy ready-to-mix idli packs from brands like MTR. There are different varieties of rava that are available online. Check out the wide range of products offered online, and conveniently buy them and at a preferred time from your favorite online store. You can also buy groceries online in a hassle-free way. Log in to Flipkart, add the grocery you need to the shopping cart, and place an order. You can choose a preferred payment option during the checkout process. So, why delay further? Make a list of the groceries you need for your home and buy them online in a convenient way.

3. Add 2 cups of water and salt and bring it to boil (you can test if the salt is sufficient or not by tasting the water. if the water is salty to taste, it indicates that salt would be sufficient after adding upma rava, otherwise add little more salt to water.) 4. when the water comes to boil, turn the flame to low, slowly pour upma rava while stirring it with another hand to avoid lumps.(see the picture given below)

Halwas or rava kesari are one of the favorite sweet in Indian cuisine. Normaly we make with maida or wheat flour or some times with rava. We use lot's of ghee in making halwa. In that list of halwas this one is a healthy version with less ghee. Insted of samolina or maida I used wheat rava(you can use broken wheat also for this) and also a easy way to make a dessert with in few minutes.INGREDIENTS:----Wheat rava (bansi rava, samba rava) --- 1 cupSugar ---- 1 cupWater ---- 1 cupMilk ---- 1 cupGhee --- 3 tea spCashew nuts --- 15Raisins --- 15 1. Heat 1 tea sp ghee in a Preassure cooker, fry cashew nuts till golden remove and set a side. 2. Now fry raisins in the same ghee till golden remove and set a side. 3. Now add samba rava to the same ghee and fry till nice aroma comes out and rava coats well with ghee. That should look like in the above picture. 4. Now add 1 cup sugar, keep the heat very low. 5. Now immediately pour milk and water give a good stir. 6. Close with cooker lid place the whistle and cook for two whistles in a low heat. 7. After two whistles switch off the heat and let it cool for some time. When you open the lid it look like this in the above picture. 8. Now again bring back to heat, keep the flame in medium, add remaining two spoons ghee. 9. Add 1/2 tea sp cardamom powder. 10 fried cashew and raisins, Mix well to combine every thing and cook for two minutes and remove from heat.Serve warm...This is my second recipe with the theme of Pressure cooker recipes for blogging marathon 22 nd edition at Vallis spice your life lets check blogging marathon page . 041b061a72


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