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Buy Trishuli Shoes __TOP__

During your Trishuli River rafting, we recommend you to wear long sleeves shirts and shorts/pants that can dry quickly. And for shoes, you can wear strapped sandals or waterproof shoes that are light and water friendly. Other than the clothes and shoes, make sure that you wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, and if you are carrying your phone, make sure that you have a waterproof case.

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  • *This may vary according to the season (summer/winter).ShoesNow there are two types of shoes you will want to carry (it is not compulsory). You have the choice to wear the same sandals throughout rafting and camping but just in case you want to hike or feel warm, carry your hiking shoes with you. During the rafting, you will want to wear a strapped sandal or water shoes that is light and water friendly.

AccessoriesHat- with the sun high and right into your skin, even the sunscreen will not be as affective as your hat. The hat will provide you and protection from the sun. We suggest a baseball hat that fits under the helmet or a wide brimmed sunhat that has a chinstrap. 041b061a72


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